Xcelemor Development Board

Figure 1. Xcelemor Development Board

The Xcelemor Development Board delivers a complete system-level design environment that includes both the hardware and software to begin developing AAXE™ applications. This PCI-SIG®-compliant board comes loaded with the AAXE operating system and test utilities for debugging your AAXE applications.   Importantly the Xcelemor Development Board ships with interfacing libraries to seamlessly integrate AAXE applications into your software code base.

The Xcelemor Development Board package includes:

  • Xcelemor Development Board with an Altera Arria IIGX target
  • AAXE development license
  • AAXE User's Guide
  • AAXE software integration libraries
  • AAXE Debug Framework
  • AAXE Development Process Training Videos
  • AAXE reference applications

Watch the step-by-step AAXE training videos and develop your own AAXE applications tomorrow.

AAXE Joystick Module coming January, 2016

The AAXE Joystick  efficiently packs a convenient, powerful heterogeneous computing in stackable USB modules.  Plug together application pipelines in seconds conformal to your algorithm then process your application data at wire speed with maximum efficiency.  Seamlessly integrate your Linux, Windows, and Mac applications as easily as using USB 3.0




3.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inch


5.3 ounces


40 Gb input and output

Acceleration factor*



4GB flash, 4GbRAM

* Balanced benchmark compared to a 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon device