Xcelemor’s mission is to provide engineers and developers with standardized industry tools to mainstream heterogeneous computing. We pledge to serve all levels of community, protect the environment, build strong business relationships and advance peaceful science while earning fair profits.

Xcelemor develops High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions using reconfigurable hardware, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

Adaptive Application Execution Environment


Xcelemor’s AAXE O/S, is the first and only hardware operating system capable of dynamically managing FPGA and other hardware resources. Using off the shelf FPGAs AAXE O/S load balances multiple images onto target devices in real-time to optimize FPGA utilization. Processing results are efficiently delivered in a fraction of the time it takes traditional microprocessors. Speed-up in the range of thousands percent faster have been achieved. AAXE O/S enables hardware acceleration on developer specified segments of processing applications. AAXE O/S is

Adaptive Application Execution Environment