AAXE™ O/S Licenses
The AAXE O/S hardware operating system ships with each Xcelemor product, including PCIe boards and dongles.

AAXE Development Licenses
Development licenses include AAXE User’s Guide and AAXE video tutorials. The license facilitates use of industry standard tools for coding AAXE applications and hardware accelerator stubs. AAXE is a peer-to-peer O/S and is Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) compliant. It is compatible for developing applications and accelerators running on Apple iOS, Windows, Linux, Android and other popular platforms.

A typical AAXE tool chain might include the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Linux directory navigation tool (e.g., ls command)
  • Linux process timing tool (e.g., time command)
  • Text editor (e.g., EMACS)
  • VHDL compile/synthesis tool (e.g., Altera Quartus)
  • VHDL simulation tool ((e.g., MTI unit delay simulator)
  • FPGA timing analysis tool (e.g., Altera TimeQuest)
  • C-language compiler (e.g., GNU gcc)
  • C-language debugger (e.g., GNU gdb)

Development licensing is available per seat and on a multi-seat, multi-site enterprise basis.